The First Five

I have already crossed out the first five days of the year in my planner. 2011 has been, so far in five days, kind.

I am now in my twenties and the idea of having a career is slowly sinking in. I have been discussing with my friends how the seniors from our college organization are slowly settling down and how doubtful and fearful I am of that idea as of the moment.

I have a pretty low-paying job for a year and seven months now. My friends say I am extremely lucky to arrive at this job which is aligned to the course I took in college. That’s a pretty blunt and good consolation.

I don’t liberally admit it, but I love what I am doing. It’s pretty weird for me to say that since this kind of work,¬†spontaneous as it may seem, also becomes a routine at some point. I hate routines by the way and this, is no doubt an exception.

To add fuel and fire to this romance, I have received a curatorial workshop invitation from a museum. I have been handpicked by the head curator, who was my deadly thesis adviser during undergrad, and was the former director of the National Museum. But it isn’t as easy as it seems, participants still need to submit curatorial proposal and submit them in like ten days.

Honestly, sending the institution an “I’m sorry, I’m busy I’ll submit next year” note crossed my mind. The thought of researching, writing, and going through a tough panel (curators and heads of museums) is already whacking my brains and knowing it is sponsored by a SouthEast Asian NGO pressures me further. But with the encouragement of people around me (professors, cultural workers, and art friends), I decided to give it a try.

I am planning to submit a curatorial proposal somehow related to my undergrad thesis just to save me from doing intensive research all over again and to somehow pay tribute and recognition to the artist and the culture/group who have been the focus of my study.

On another note, my seniors, my college professors and the people from the art world have already been persuading me to take my Master’s degree soon. They have given me ideas and showed me venues in which I can be further exposed to the arts. That, I will have to think about after the curatorial workshop and before school starts in June.

So far, the first five days were all about me and the search for something that will define me and my legacy. I have never thought it will arrive to me early this year. Perhaps, it is because of me pondering how fruitful and unfruitful the past year was. But I can only be glad that slowly, things are being brought to light.

My college professors have fearlessly envisioned me as a cultural worker. I only laughed at the thought then. But now, I realized that being cultural workers themselves, they might actually have an undeniable feelings and premonitions for such things. Or maybe, they have actually molded me to be one.

I guess I am gradually arriving at what Polly Horvath was pertaining to when she spoke of the things people never imagined they’d be giving their whole hearts and minds to.

This is only the beginning. I realized i do not have to be afraid yet of getting older in my twenties and settling down. There’s still far more ways to go. Surprise me, 2011!


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