I Have Loved Books Long Before I Loved You

The grade school library was once my refuge. I did not have a favorite desk or chair. I usually sat on the floor carefully tracing the edges of the pages while other books were piled to my side. I spent long hours there. I even took the last trip of the school service a lot of times only to devour newly cataloged classics.

I wonder if the library was your childhood’s refuge too. We had the same favorite books though – the enormous Atlas that was way larger than our 10-year old frames, the Peanuts Encyclopedia with tattered pages and the Classics in pink, red, orange and green spines.

I believe we have already met in the library, in books. We have already held hands while turning the pages. We have already shared the same emotions between the lines. And maybe, we have even read our own story then, reason why we felt we knew each other too well.

I do not know you then. You were only an anonymous character.

Who would ever thought you would be a heroic protagonist I would love so well ten years later.


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