A Note for a Ninja

“It is a painful thing when you adorn your best memories with someone with the most beautiful of words and metaphors only to find out that you’re completely erased from theirs. You start to wonder if the life you’ve lived with them was all just a lie or a work of fiction. You start to wonder if you even exist at all.

I shouldn’t be hurt. I’m a writer; I’m used to weaving stories and finding love, beauty and inspiration in the most little of things; even if it’s not actually there. Maybe it was all in my head; and it’s my fault I believed that I could actually have my happy ending. Or at the very least, just be happy.

You are in everything I ever wrote, in everything I ever said, in everything I ever felt in this world. Where am I in yours? Do I exist in your life? Would you care if I’m gone?”

Dear Friend,

I am to keep you anonymous.

I believe these words are of the most beautiful yet most hurtful that have ever sprung from your pen.

This is an offering to the people whom we endowed with exquisitely strewn words yet they ceased to feel and understand. We are but writers, this is our way of worship. Midst the daggers they have thrusted right into our hearts, we still bleed for them with the same words that speak of life, love, pain, beauty and all other wonders.

We shall find more inspiration. We shall never cease to write.




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