Pandora’s Box Contains No Evil

 I was at Hong Kong last weekend for the Hong Kong International Art Fair 2011. It was my first time to travel abroad and I had only my officemate’s and his girlfriend’s company. I used to have what my friends and I call “The Fear of the Unknown”. But this foreign place and only two days of stay, made me overcome such fear. I have to mention of course, my officemate’s help in a lot of stuff like preparations and whatsoevers, and D’s pointers in commuting within the area.

Though my bags are generally big, I am actually a light packer. For my Hong Kong trip, I only brought my black overnight bag from Collezione (yeah, it’s with the Philippine Map) which is actually a gift from my boss, and my trusty brown satchel minus the pink ribbon. And yes, I am exposing the traveler me’s stuff in conquering my first trip to Hong Kong.

Goodies in Pandora’s Box

From left to right: 1) The brown satchel I got from a thrift store; 2) Pad from my Powerbooks planner, a Chinese inspired notepad i got from Girl Shoppe and a Pilot V5; 3) Hand sanitizer from Watson’s 4) Watson’s tissue and Baby Wipes 5) Maps (train map, city map, and bus map) – for navigation. Who said I’m afraid of getting lost; 6) Tickets to the Vee-Ahy-Pee; 7) Cards and bills and photos stashed in this trusty silver wallet from Accessorize; 8 ) Ipod nano which doesn’t have a name yet; 9) Globe and Sun mobile phones – I only used the Globe one during my stay because it’s the only one with roaming feature. The other one was my calculator and alarm clock of sorts; 10) Red ninja coin purse I got from Greenhills; 11) Black matte hipster glasses and green aviators for my over-sensitive eyes; 12) Maybelline lipbalm in mint, lip and cheek tint from Avon and J&J cologne – vanity on minimum; 13) Passprt in piano case; 14) Bonnet – for when it gets cold; 15) Mints – Airwaves is HK’s version of Cool-Air, Black Currant mints from 7-11 and Smint.

"Wait, they don't love you like I love you..."

These three maps were my constant companions while roaming around the city. There’s one which has all the train stations in it, another with all the bus routes, and another which appeals to someone who loves walking miles. I hold on to them whenever and wherever to check streets and alleys looking for galleries and art hubs in the vicinity.

Also, these maps remind me of the farthest our hearts have gone separately. We could have walked, rode the bus, taken the train, and alighted the plane together. But those are just wishes and wonders, I have your heart pinned unto me anyway. That is how far your heart has gone. Thus, this is how far our hearts have gone together.

PS. I’ll be writing about the Art Fair soon.


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