On Conversational Art Writing

This is the first time my writing will be published for an exhibition. I have not engaged in that sort of writing for I actually have issues regarding writing for commercially-oriented institutions. Thus, I have continually questioned my position being a Gallerist and an Art Writer at the same time.

But this time, I gave it a shot. I wrote for the Tam-awan Village Artists’ show at our gallery. I have persuaded myself to write for the show since it’s a way of showing my gratefulness to them with all their help for my undergraduate thesis and it has become my advocacy to promote and proliferate the awareness of the Cordillera culture. Also, I would not be marketing or selling the show in any way through my writing.

It was a little nostalgic writing about these artists. I even used my thesis as an extra literary source. I was still just as inspired and enthusiastic in writing about them. Only, I opted not to be highly-theoretical of their show. I must assume that not everyone who is going to read the article is knowledgeable of art and all its complexities.

In this kind of writing, I must be able to discuss the works, the artists and the exhibit in the simplest way possible. I must speak of everything in a conversational manner. I must forget quoting Roland Barthes, Suzanne Seriff and Jean Dubuffet, but must not forget to relay their ideas in blunt and comprehensible language.

Yes, I wrote in a very conversational way. Not in any way similar to my writings before. It was not even close to my answers in my college exams. But I did not deem it mediocre, it was really part of this job that I have to adjust with the spectators. So I have realized, this must be a way of galleries in educating viewers. I just hope that was pretty effective.

That. Only that, because I found this task relatively nouvelle. And I’m thinking of posting the article here. What do you think? Should I? or Shouldn’t I?

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