One Day I Shall Make Us A Travelogue

Trekking Together

The way to my heart doesn’t take forever to travel. It is only composed of rough, dirty, and dangerous roads which takes a little less than a lifetime to arrive at. But there are other passages, neither I do not know, that leads to it.

You were the most courageous to take the alternate route, the path no man has even tried to lay his feet on. This bravery only counts as cookie points my dear, there’s miles and miles more to travel and a lot more weather turbulence to beat.

But you have been persistent, so far. You haven’t only calmed down the hurricanes on the way to my heart, but also beat the storms I myself have come across – just to make sure I come out unharmed and unscathed. You even made me enjoy the strong rains and wind that were once unbearable.

You did not only mind the unknown trail which leads to my heart, you also cared about the path I was taking. Oh dear, you’re just too brave to take two of my adventures. And I’m more than grateful that you do. How’s it going taking two rough roads?


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