Project Cigarette

Get three special packs of cigarette. Opt for a floral tone for summer days, one with a woody scent for long pensive afternoons, and another with a mint feel for cold evenings. Lay a silk floral scarf above a photocopying machine’s glass. Do not mind the curves and the folds. Scan and cut the print in random triangles. The more varied the size, the better. Spread the triangles on the photocopying machine’s glass. Make them seem as if they are dancing, gliding on the surface. Have it scanned. Print several pages on bond paper. Use the prints to wrap the packs of cigarette. Lay them all together at the center of the scarf. Wrap them up and make a ribbon out of the four corners. Carry and present them with a smile.

It still lies in the corner of my memory, the day you declared how wonderful you felt for having us three.

Happy Birthday to my first mentor outside the academe! I shall see you tomorrow.


One thought on “Project Cigarette

  1. DC! says:

    I really should be studying but this made me crave alertness afforded by something else other than caffeine.:) In mint.:)

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