Dear Quarter Life Crisis,

I used to believe I have gone past through you sometime in college when I was dying and all that for my thesis and for the organization’s what-not’s. I’ve spent moments thinking about random matters which I am not even certain of whether to deem important or not. Lately, I feel like going through you again – minus the thesis and org issues of course.

I joined linkedin some months ago as my boss was telling me to start building professional connections. I believe he persuaded me to do so, not only for the growth of our gallery’s contact list, but for my career as well. The site says my profile is only 40% complete. I have not been updating my CV for two years now. I believe there are necessary bullets to add, but I’m a little hesitant of putting them into the list. I don’t even know why am I bothered by this or should I even wonder why.

I have been on the same job for two years. I’ve been doing the same things and I’m starting to feel that this job is becoming a routine, which I fear may become boring. I have tried to weigh recent events, for maybe, I am just frustrated that some projects failed to launch. But regardless of what happened in the recent shows, here I am stuck at the office facing an LCD monitor which for many times I wished was a closet leading to Narnia.

I would like to believe that I am just torn between my adventurous random self and the serious career-oriented me. I would like to think that I need to try on other things before settling down in a field. But I am not sure whether I’d like to take such risk when the Arts is already pulling me towards their plane. Also, I feel like I’m not good at anything now. I am stuck in a lifetime of heavy traffic.

I’m having enough of my rants. So, tell me dear, have I been deceived? Is this the real deal?

And please, grant me the long weekend. I’ll be negotiating with you after then.


3 thoughts on “Dear Quarter Life Crisis,

  1. DC! says:

    Maybe you, C and I can have a discussion about this? I think there are greater things for you out there. Still in the arts but no longer where you are.:s This is what the idealist in me is saying; the realist in me is saying that perhaps you are correct to say you’re just frustrated. *shrugs* Hopefully the weekend affords you some clarity.

    Hey, you can always become a nurse.;) hahahahahahaha!

    • asteorra says:

      We already ran through this during breakfast this morning. I will give myself time to think things over until December perhaps. I have a number of things to consider. (that sounds serious LOL)

      Why nurse? I never liked hospitals! HAHAHA

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