The Gourmet Carinderia (Mr. Snooze’s attempt on Food Writing)

“I don’t like food, I love it.”

Like Anton Ego of the famous Disney animated film, Ratatouille, My girlfriend* and I are also into good food. Just recently we went to an exciting carinderia that serves gourmet breakfast at such affordable prices. The Kanto Freestyle Breakfast, located at San Joaquin St. Mandaluyong City, is one of the must see for food lovers and alike as it was featured on GMA 7. After having a couple of dishes from the said carinderia, we can’t help but fall in love with that place.

The dish we initially ordered was the Spanish Sardines Tempura Meal inclusive of two freestyle eggs and tomato pesto. The Spanish Sardines were covered with flour, seasoned with salt and pepper, and then deep fried until golden brown. The combination of the Spanish Sardines tempura and tomato pesto was perfect that the two sunny side-up eggs might as well be considered merely a bonus to the dish. The best part was the meal only costs seventy pesos!

Spanish Sardines Tempura

Tuyo Flakes and Kesong Puti

We also tried the Tuyo Flakes with Kesong Puti which also included a tomato pesto on the side. The tuyo was removed of its scales, flaked, and served on top of hot garlic rice together with the kesong puti strips. The combination is fantastic. The saltiness, sweetness, and sourness blended in perfect harmony; it explodes inside your mouth. The presentation would also stimulate your appetite. You’d be salivating the moment it arrives at your table. You get to enjoy this meal for only seventy bucks.

We tried Fried Snickers for dessert. The chocolate bar was covered with batter, deep fried, cut in half, and served with chocolate syrup on top. We succumbed to the sweetness of the dish that it made a mark in our palate. For only fifty pesos, this dessert is definitely the bomb!

Fried Snickers

After our food escapade, we started recommending the place to our friends so that they too can experience the food ecstasy we had that day. We still go to Kanto Freestyle Breakfast to try more of their dishes. We get one after the other to get a taste of all the food that have to offer.

*He called me girlfriend. Omigahd. 😛


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