I’d Like To Go To Sagada. I Want You To Come With Me.

We’d take the midnight bus. We’d listen to the songs in my ipod, the songs we sing together at the karaoke. We’d put our socks on and wiggle our toes. We’d share the same blanket and hold each other’s hand all throughout the travel.

In the morning we’d walk together in our neat cardigans and our favorite beanies. We’d have pinikpikan, fresh greens and mushroom pasta for lunch and cookies for dessert. I’d take a warm well of coffee while you’d opt for a mix of hot chocolate and coffee (to keep your ~annoyingly happy~ disposition). Then we’d hop and skip to caves, mountains, and fields.

We’d go out at night to view the stars. At the top of a cliff, where we could view the night sky, where eternity is within our reach, we fall in love again. Everything would feel the same – like the moment we realized each was special, like the moment we first wrote our love letters, like the evenings we’ve shared walking and smiling to nothingness, like the moment we had our first kiss.

Your fingers would interlace with mine – in between, is where warmth seeps in. We’d dream in our hearts. We’d converse in unspoken words. We’d smile through our happy tears. We’d lay there, still, until we decide to elope into infinity.


4 thoughts on “I’d Like To Go To Sagada. I Want You To Come With Me.

  1. DC! says:

    I will comment on this intellectually and philosophically when I get home from my exam tonight.:) For now my substantial and relevant comment will be pray for me or else! 😉

    • asteorra says:

      HAHAHA very relevant indeed! 😛 I always pray for you and Joe anyway 🙂 I will await that intellectual and philosophiacl comment of yours, but I also do hope you drop by the gallery tonight for the opening. 😉

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