All Good Things Come To a Better End

 This is not a Birthday Blog, yet. This is how my November came to an end.

The end of the month didn’t seem like a red letter day to me. I was just all eyes and ears to my work the whole time, the 30th seemed just like another day at the office for me. Yes, I did work overtime on a holiday. Well, it’s a gift for the graduating/exhibiting kids this trimester. Not to mention, I had an overtime delivery the night prior to that. However, it was through this exhibition opening I was reunited with a former classmate in college. We had a short tete a tete on art and the academe and a little gossiping about the art world. In the end, she invited me to this research team launching this 2012. I am keeping my fingers crossed.

A hand delivered letter to cap off the end of November

Mr. Snooze stubbornly went to the gallery. Yes, operative term stubborn because he was fresh from overtime too and I didn’t want him to come so he can take a rest instead. But he insisted and came with a periwinkle envelope, which I was not allowed to read until I reach home. I was an excited kid though, sniffing and sneaking into it whenever he’s not around.

We left the gallery for a last full show at Glorietta. I’d rather not disclose what the movie is, but it’s a cheesy Pinoy flick which opened the same day. Judge me, guilty pleasures, yes.

I read the colorful pop-up letter when I got home. Special thanks to my patience and utter caution, the thing didn’t get destroyed after I read it. It’s a little fragile and takes a little more effort to read. But I really did appreciate Mr Snooze’s Contemporary Art. I loved the periwinkle envelope, our pop-up names, the four-legged star (which I first thought was a ninja kind of thing), the awkwardly shaped heart, and the simple yet sincere wishes inscribed through slightly incomprehensible writing.

Oh November, you’re the sweetest until the very end.


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