So This is Goodnight

I was used to not taking calls after midnight unless it’s a long distance call from my father or some relatives abroad. But the exception has gone far. Well maybe has gone near with regards to distance, to you.

You do not sound as an alarm anymore. Well, your morning greetings still do, but you have become my goodnight calls. I love you serenading me (sometimes even my mother and sister) with songs over the phone until I fall to sleep, or until we fall to sleep, when our soft snuffles and snorts replace music.

Our weird sleep noises are in no way artistically, not even carefully executed. Even inflicting such shame to how you strike, strum, and sing along with your guitar. But weird they may sound, this is how we slip into sleep and wander in our dreams.

*A journal entry some months ago. I miss your calls, your songs, and your snore. (I should have tagged you Mr. Snore instead of Mr. Snooze!) Boo your midnight shift! Will keep my fingers crossed for ย change in your work schedule. ๐Ÿ™‚


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