Typhoon Sendong Aftermath and How To Help

An Aerial View of Cagayan River and Nearby Residential Areas Before and After Typhoon Sendong

This image made me feel nothing but sad. The before photo was actually taken on my birthday a year ago.

Cagayan de Oro has been one of the happiest places I’ve known and been to this year. It has been my birthday travel of sorts and it made me for than happy by exceeding my adventure expectations and unfolding culture right before my eyes.

It is utterly devastating to read and watch about the typhoon Sendong’s aftermath – continually arising death toll, homeless people, destroyed public transportation. I have been avoiding the late night news because it only shatters my heart into pieces. However, I can’t just leave it at that. I need to move my ass and start helping people the way my friends and I did during the typhoon Ondoy. I am looking forward to my week-long Christmas vacation as I can spend several days volunteering for the operations. Through these little yet significant ways, I can send help and a bit of comfort to the victims and bring back the defaced Cagayan de Oro back to Google Earth.

My friend Ian sent me this link for those who are interested in doing Volunteer work for Typhoon Sendong Relief Operations.

This is for a profound and meaningful Christmas. Let’s go!


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