Dear 10-Day Christmas Break,

This is what I ought to do with you:

  • Prepare Noche Buena with the help of mama.
  • Sort out closet and save stuff for church donations.
  • Watch a movie from the Metro Manila Film Festival. Yes, support Philippine Cinema.
  • Finish gift shopping.
  • Gift wrapping as an art.
  • Prepare Christmas dessert for Mr. Snooze.
  • Volunteer for the typhoon Sendong relief operations at Gawad Kalinga with D.
  • List down legit New Year Resolutions.
  • Think of a profound writing project for my blog’s anniversary. YEY!
  • Plan riot Christmas party.
  • Decorate house for Papa’s Homecoming! YEY-est of all!
  • Ponder and wonder about the future. Should I transfer to a PR-related career or stick to the Arts and get an MA and work as a part-time professor?
  • Watch stars with Mr. Snooze on Christmas evening.
  • Check none of my work-related emails.
  • Have my black shirt printed for the Beshy Christmas party. Guys! I need help. Give me one Filipino word (doesn’t matter if jejemon or gay lingo) which describes me. Badly need it. Thanks.
  • Drink but stay sober.
  • Sing Christmas songs aka She and Him’s Christmas album.
  • Jump million times on New Year’s Eve. C’mon! My height needs to increase!
  • Plan what to write for the upcoming shared blog account of D, C, and T. FYI, I am the T part.
  • Get my brother a birthday gift. What to give and where to find dilemma for my ever choosy brother.
  • Will think of more activities to add when I get there. Well, actually things shall go randomly, like always. 🙂

Cheers! Merry Christmas!

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