From The Twenty-second (An Excerpt from a Love Letter)

Sadness was my ocean then. He was my anchor, he pulled me down. You were my sail, you were my wind. You carefully pulled me away from the storms at sea and led me to a safe harbor. You sang songs under the moon, creating the rhythmic movement of the tides, reaching the ocean floor. You were the sand in between my toes, the sun’s kiss on my skin during hot afternoons, the smell of sea water stuck in my hair.

You were the golden compass when I was lost, the familiar faces in a foreign land, the kindness in their gestures. You were the fortress in my defense, the sole refuge, the only home of my heart.

You are poetry yet written, only I have read. You are a song yet heard, only I have listened.

Only my heart knows. Only she conceives. Only she understands.


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