...Words of love along the wires

I do not know how to describe yesterday. Awful would be too much and so-so would be an understatement.

I blame it on our Collection show opening on Friday. I’ve been curating, writing, lay-outing, budgeting, and running errands aka courier mode. Collection shows always have these exhausting horrors, but let’s just say it’s part of the job.

I was all tired and whiny when I got home. I have been complaining to almost everyone. Even Mr. Snooze, who was some distance away, was my rant repository of sorts. I have told him about the delayed flight, the unbearable traffic, and the whole system (or lack of) of the Philippines. It was a relief he called. Half the time we spoke of our our pet bunny and our day at work, the other half, he spent snoring. Simple things like that saves the day.


PS. I have been drafting for our curatorial note for N days since Monday. Only now did my boss furnish us his curatorial idea of sorts which I need to edit and expound on. It’s entirely different from the one I have been working on, I’d rather shut up now or I might give a little bit of criticism. Makes me think of posting my curatorial note here or sending it to an art magazine instead. LOL


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