Mark This as Exhibit A for Randomness

Last time I blogged was Tuesday, fuming still in anger like alcohol in my head during a real bad hangover. I was itching to write the next days but I decided not to as I am not entirely over Monday things yet. That was just me and my incapacity to move on from recent issues.

But since it’s Friday, I just need to kick my own ass and think happy thoughts for the weekend. I brought Polly Horvath‘s Everything on a Waffle to work. Not that I am reading it over again, I’m brushing through my highlighted text to feel Primrose Squarp’s hopefulness and positive outlook. I am also lending my beloved book to Mr. Snooze since he needs company during weekdays the next month as he’s taking the night shift again (Boo!). I bet he’ll appreciate weird recipes found every after chapter and will extremely drool for breakfast when he logs out at four in the morning.

Also, I opted to ponder on random things. My book shelf will kill me for this, but I am lusting over a copy of Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse. Roland Barthes is one of my first loves in Art Studies. Toys being my primary read, developed further affection upon devouring the signs and symbols chapter from Mythologies, and went stronger as my Related Literature for thesis. Yes, art geekery is such a romantic affair. If Roland Barthes were still alive, I’d date him! We’d have conversations over wine and cheese. I will ask him about signs and symbols and when is over analyzing becomes over. (I am guilty as charged by my former professor LOL I’ve outgrown it now, methinks.) And I’ll let him sign my copies in a CD as they are in PDF file and we’ll post a photo of us two via mobile upload. Barthes and I will be cool like that. 😉

Guess I have been a little too random at that, my get-happy thoughts have led to to some wonderland.

On another note, the ~love~ month plus certain circumstances are dragging me to execute  projects to keep me happy. My fresh ideas are relevant with this month. Well, they have to be. Since I am not good in dating (LOL), I’ll have to plan a writing project which goes like “Daydreaming About Dream Dates”. I will have to think of a cute way of doing this one. I might also go for a date-themed/inspired kind of thing as creative project for the annoyingly happy man I’ve been dating for a year now (and will be dating until god knows when time teehee).

Let’s just see where all of these will take me. Happy Weekend! 🙂

*I’m more or less happy upon ending this entry. HAHAHA


4 thoughts on “Mark This as Exhibit A for Randomness

  1. DC! says:

    Once again, my notification for this post has not yet arrived! The owl must have gotten lost or something!

    Roland Barthes.:p Funny, I never really got into a lot of art theory stuff even though our major demanded it. I guess I’m more a Lit geek in real life! Once an English major, always and English major! Hahaha. Glad you are feeling better.:p Pareho kayong bv ni C! Haha!

    • asteorra says:

      But I was also a Lit major before – before I took real majors! LOL whut? Guess I embraced Art Stud too tight 😛 HAHAHA Kaya I haven’t sent any email last week except the Tuesday rant, Im kind of GV na today, well I have to be. 🙂 I’m excited na for next weekend! 😀

      • DC! says:

        Me too! I’m going through outfit options na for Sat! I’m thinking if I will impose a dresscode or what! Haha. Syempre si Joe, game for the dresscode lololol.

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