Dear Manong Bernard,

You probably do not know me except for my first name and perhaps, from judgments you have formulated Saturday night when we talked about our friends while we were in your cab. Well then, let me share you this:

I lost three phones last year. Stupidity won the record I guess. I left one in a cab, the other got stolen inside a mall, and the last one just disappeared at the train station. In all these three events, my heart longed that people prove that they are still good by nature. I meant like those in the news or in the movies when they surrender the things they found with or without expecting a reward. But my heart cried in disappointment every time. So did my wallet as the loss suggested nothing but a replacement.

But you were definitely different from the rest. You even informed your office that you found my cheap phone in your taxicab Saturday evening. You even volunteered to deliver it back to me.

I was lucky to get your cab on the way home that night. Must be a reminder that yes, good people still do exist, but one still has to be keen because not all people are just as righteous as you are.

God bless you Manong Bernard.


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