Employment Oversharing

February’s supposed to be my writing project month. I have been writing randomly in mush and fury. I still have unfinished posts in my drafts folder and a larger set in my idea pad. It’s kind of frustrating how I haven’t been writing religiously this month, or maybe, that’s just how it seems to me.

I have been preoccupied with work. Errr, I lied, job applications really.

My love-hate relationship with my current job has been existing for more than a year now. And no, it isn’t just my hormones and availability of food in the vicinity (although I must say I miss Country Style badly), it’s more of I’ve gone weary of the things I do. There’s no longer a lovely feeling when the bed sucks me in at the end of the day. I am not happy with what I am doing anymore. I curate because it’s just part of the work. I write my PR’s like they’re just PR’s. I no longer marvel at art’s beauty and essence since I am writing for the sole purpose of having them seen and sold. I have been molded into looking at art in a different light and I guess I am just afraid that I will eventually see it as a commodity.

Guess I have just decided to veer away from that in the mean time. I have been busy with exams and interviews the past week for a high-end fashion entity in the country. Fashion ranks a few notches below art. Growing up in a society with evident mall culture, I have primarily known that fashion and clothing is an industry bound to manufacture goods for profit. And it’s more legitimate, I think, compared to art selling. Oh well, there goes my conservative art background. Yes, Art Studies friends, I do know you understand what I am talking about.

But Arts, I am not leaving you, artist friends can always count on me when they need someone to write for them. I can still do collections management. I will still visit you every now and then. I guess we’d be better off this way for now. I can write about you with no restrictions, no inhibitions. Doesn’t that sound exciting?

So there I went explaining my career shift. I mean really, I elaborated this on the internet? HAHAHA

And yes, I will keep up with my unfinished posts soon. 🙂


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