Breaking Up is Hard To Do

Dear Boss...

This is a screencap of my resignation letter to my boss. I hate it when people break my heart over the internet, but I have to do this since he’s not at the gallery yesterday and I was itching to proceed with my job offer.

This job at the gallery is my first legitimate job ever. I have stayed for more than two years and learned more than what I could imagined. I went to workshops for free, traveled with expenses taken care of the gallery, and did research with the easiest access to materials. I got to meet and work with amazing people whose names I just used to come across my College readings.

I have chosen to leave the gallery, but like any other goodbyes, it’s agonizing. I shall miss our small and cluttered office, my messy table, our vain (whole body) mirrors, and my own printer/scanner/photocopier. I shall miss our pantry, our heaven-sent coffeemaker, our griller, and microwave oven. I shall miss our storage in QC, our kind of muscle work there, and of course or lunch and snacks.  I shall miss Gng Bukid, which was once the sponsor of my birthday cake. I shall miss my patient officemate, our freak-out accountant, our jolly manong drivers, and my moody boss. And yes, Kuya Ricky, you are not included in the list!

The boss just replied this morning and haven’t made any bad remarks about my resignation. Guess he was in a good mood. He just asked whether I was leaving for school or for another company which I answered with utter honesty.

So I guess this is goodbye. LOL JK. I have to stay and train interns for a month. But yeah, soon.


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