Just an Overdue Love Note

A thoughtful dinosaur is thoughtful

I think I owe someone a short text.

I haven’t been mailing your pocket handwritten letters in February just so you’d miss my words and my horrible hand writing. You have just received a limited number of email inboxes last month and that was when my hands were itching to write you so I chose to cheat instead. I initially wanted a no love letter policy in February, but I simply can’t help it.

You must have unknowingly observed this, reason why you endowed me with deep and romantic Tagalog words on your old barren blog site. While I in exchange, compiled in a hand made book (How did I even get to bind it?!) twenty-nine photographs of things I want us to do in the future.

I love how we keep notes of the little trivial things we love. I love how we dig them out to make each other giddy and happy. Much more, I love how we make ways of executing them even though they are extremely beyond what we usually do.

Thank you for always making me happy beyond words.

5 thoughts on “Just an Overdue Love Note

    • asteorra says:

      Pangarap ko yan! However, when your partner doesn’t usually write and he takes the extra effort to do so in special events and even random moments, it just becomes more than kilig 😀

    • DC! says:

      I’ve had a writer-lover, it is not all it’s cracked up to be! You get sick of the love notes after a while and just think everything he writes is a less beautiful version of whatever he reads (coz he was an English major). And I hated the fact he had more beautiful penmanship than I do. LOL

      • asteorra says:

        Does the writer-lover quote too much? Honestly, I’m guessing who is he. HAHAHA
        I dont like too many quotes in letters, but allusions would do.

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