All Work and No Play? No Way!

There are only two things about summer 2012 I am utterly excited about: my new job and surfing.

Surfing has been one of my favorite-st things of summer aside from throwing myself against the waves and getting my feet soaked in the sandy waters of San Juan, La Union. My friends and I have always saved the holy week for this bonding activity as everyone is having a break from work and law school. However, I received news last week from the new HR officer that there’ll be office on Black Saturday. My world shattered. I have already made a list of Summer 2012 must-have’s and got myself a new pair of bikini. LOL at my priorities in life. But come on! I only get breaks like this twice a year. (The other is the birthday break.)

Good thing, the new HR followed up with me a while ago regarding the documents I have to submit. NBI clearance is killing me. It’s the last to accomplish on the list. Ugh. Well, it’s due on the weekend but I don’t know why she called me n times while I was still asleep this morning. But goodie! She moved my first day of work on the 10th of April as I have requested. She even gave me the holiday Monday! Which means, I can bask in the sun all holy week long, and even extend the trip to Isabela.

I’m really glad about this news as I need to spend six months working like a horse in the company before I avail the legitimate vacation leave. That’s a good timing though for my birthday escapade. Pressure on the boyfriend. Where do we go then? 😛

Also, my apologies, C and D, I might not be able to join the Baguio trip and the Korea/Vietnam tour. Work first. I need to get rich. 😛


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