Of Doodles and Days

"Keys to the heart" are so mainstream, you circumnavigated mine instead.

This was the first time I related the word like to your name. But like is only a happy word. Like is the joy of breaking the creme brulee for Amelie Poulain and cupcake breaks for Jessica Day. Like is when I gladly snuffle under thick comforters on November afternoons.

You knew like was but a small and shallow thing for me yet it shone neon lights for you. But through your unimaginable ways, eventually, like has changed and shone even brighter neon lights for me too. Well, to the both of us now.

*This doodle is celebrating its first anniversary at my planner right now. It’s really weird how it ended up there when it just did prove how frakkin’ mean you are and how gullible I am.

Happy Password Day!


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