To Note the Good in Goodbye

I have been drafting my “farewell” letter to artists. I don’t know how to keep it blunt and simple because basically I don’t know what to say. Or maybe I do, it’s just that I might end up mumbling too much in my email, my keyboard can only get wet in tears.

I’ve been in a soon to be three year love and hate affair with artists. There are those I really like and those I am just not simply fond of. But they all seem to be same now, recipients of a relatively bad news.

As much as I don’t want my resignation to look like a bad thing, some artists just think that way. I would just like to think that they I just grew up on them. Tam-awan Village artist for example, they’ve known me since I was an OC and crazy thesis slave. They have witnessed my dedication then for my studies, and now for my work. I even wrote for their show at the gallery. It makes me glad how much this group of artists trusts and believes in me. Our relationship grew from subject/researcher to friends. They’d invite me to all their art and culture events for free. I mean, they got a crazy package of art geekery and fun, it’s insane to say no. But yes, soon I have to decline because I won’t be in the art world anymore. I’d be focusing into fashion and clothing, and it’s the least they care about.

But cmon, I’m just my way on getting rich. Who knows I might be getting boatloads of money soon. And when I get to be, I’d get paintings from you guys. Isn’t that a great thing?

I’ve convinced myself enough, I’m hitting the “send” button.


One thought on “To Note the Good in Goodbye

  1. DC! says:

    Goodbyes are the sht. Currently experiencing one as the boyfriend is leaving for the US in a few hours. Short and sweet is always best.;)

    I miss the inernet. Been away too long.:P

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