Crazy Collaborations

I have this weird characteristic of speaking in rhymes when text messaging. I am guilty of sending “sure thing, pating”, “c’mon mamon” to people as if those will make me sound cool.

Mr. Snooze and I usually update each other regarding our trips going to work and getting back home. And after this usual drill yesterday, he said “I love you” and I replied in kiddie poetry verses like a happy pre-school teacher. I used two instead of too and counted numbers and syllables. I guess he enjoyed our sudden poetry collaboration, he continued and finished until ten. I mean really, he didn’t give me a chance to do other digits! HAHAHA Here it goes:

I love you.

I love you two, I love you three
But wait! that doesn’t seem just as many.

I love you four, I love you five
I love you as long as I’m alive.

I love you six, I love you seven
I’ll love you even in heaven.

I love you eight, I love you nine
I’ll love you til the end of time.

I love you ten
Forever and then,
my love for you will never end.

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