New Work, New Woes

My Dear WordPress,

I have not forsaken you. I don’t think I ever will. Let me just tell you how my life has been in more or less ten days. And the litany goes something like this:

I started working as a corporate slave to the Internet for a high-end fashion retail company Wednesday last week. I have been introduced to nice people over and over again because I am not “Astrid” whose name is too unique they can easily remember. I still use my name there, in a different way however, like UP’s student number. I take the ground floor store office which is in no way connected to the upper floors, especially to the third where some other Marketing people work. I mean, is the Internet signal good downstairs? Seriously? So there, I take the escalator every time, or cheat when the big bosses aren’t around aka take the service elevator. Some tips and tricks I learned from my cool trainer whose not so adventurous yet talks too much about adventures. And she doesn’t eat too much yet she has bulging cheeks like me. And yes, we have lunch together and all other funny and weird people from the company. We bond over everyone’s food in the pantry.

I do a daily End of Day Report. It’s filled with what I read and learned. I hate it when I read about the common sense that is the Policies & Guidelines, yet can’t help but admire the person who drafted it knowing his common sense was well exercised. I mean, was everything just part of his system? One day, after submitting my End of Day report,  my boss asked me if I was enjoying the stuff I was doing and I told him, I am not doing real things yet so I can’t actually say so. Sometimes, I hate it when I speak without thinking. I mean that wasn’t supposed to tell him “I’m bored. Give me things to do.” but a subtle way of saying, I don’t like my eyes upon the Policies and Guidelines Handbook anymore, I want to be slowly immersing with real work. But yes, he took it as something challenging, he gave me assignment and made me the Queen of Facebook Fashion Pegs. Like today, I made two looks. Using Photoshop instead of Polyvore is really toilsome. Really.

By the way I go to work at eleven in the morning and leave at nine. It’s a little sad I just go home to sleep. Well, some days I play with my bunny because he begs to be play with me. And some other days, Mr. Snooze picks me up at work and drives me home so I don’t have to suffer the traffic that is Ayala.

Tell me wordpress, this is too much introduction for an excuse. It’s my weary mind speaking, and perhaps, my hand’s rhythm working. I will write better entries soon. After I totally cope with all these. When I have the zest to write again.

I miss you.



4 thoughts on “New Work, New Woes

  1. Anne Mondragon says:

    Just read this! Welcome to the real world, Teddy! 🙂 And just so you know, I’m one of those drafting Policies, Procedures, Terms and Conditions. Have I earned your admiration for that? LOL. We miss you! The Ninja and I are planning a bagnet date! 🙂 Come join us, Facebook Queen Fashionista – whatever it means! 🙂

  2. DC! says:

    Policies, Terms and Conditions, and other tedious documents are my life so I am offended that you don’t find it interesting! LOL!

    Miss you! Magunli ka naman! LOL.

    Yay, I’m a ninja.:P If Teddy is the FB Queen Fashionista and I am the ninja soon to be legal ninja, what is AM? hahahaha

  3. asteorra says:

    I am not the Facebook Queen Fashionista! HAHAHAHA It’s Facebook Peg Queen! Oh well, subscribing to Unli is futile. I don’t get to text anyway because I am vuhry busy and we’d get reprimanded when we text too much as we are on CCTV camera 24/7. amp!

    The Policies and chever that I am reading are irrelevant naman kase to what I am doing. It’s about Store Operations which are not really part of my Job Description. pang FYI lang and still have to read it! wew!

    I’m up for a bagnet date, but not this weekend pa. Nakakairita my sked, I’m not just as random and kaladkarin as before.

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