Notes for November (A Wishlist)

The calendar says it’s already the 9th of October, which means it’s less than a month to my birthday. I haven’t actually come up with a plan yet, just a wishlist like the good old days.

1. Books

This has been a default every year since gawdknowswhentime. Somehow I’d just like to wish for more time so I can finish all my bedside reads. But again, there are still titles I lust for. Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse is on top of my list – because it’s my favorite theorist discussing love (will he incorporate art here?). Astrid Van Royen’s Awake Monique comes in close second and to impossibility so I’m adding it here. FYI, I was named after the author and I’m dying to get a copy since I have torn and eaten pages when I was still a little baby. I should’ve known the worth of scarcity of a 1950 something book then. The only remaining copies are available on ebay which shipping fee is actually higher than the book itself. I’m open for second hand copies too. So there.

2. Instax/Polaroid

I used to always bring a point and shoot camera with me. Sadly, I’m no longer in that phase. My camera died and I don’t want to tote a bulky DSLR all of the time. I don’t know if I’ve justified enough, but bottomline, I’d like instant prints. Snap and print and stick to wherever. This is in no way connected to my patience (or lack of), or maybe it is.

3. Informal bag

I work in a retail company that offers high end bags. And I feel like I’m the only at the office not raving about it. I guess it’s because I’m not the type toting around n-grand worth of bucks, I’d rather spend the entire amount on food. So for bag, I just want Gola Redfords which could accommodate a 14 inch Macbook Pro. Also, a Fluid Surf backpack would do. (I guess that’s even better but I do hope it has a laptop sleeve.) Again, as long as my 14-inch Macbook pro fits.

4. High cut sneakers

The boyfriends recently got new sneaks from Pony and I want one too! Though I want mine high cut and light colored. My sneakers are on the verge of breaking down, you know.

5. King and I passes

Dear friend working in Resorts World Manila,

I don’t write for a living, but I’d write for free passes. Thank you.

PS. I’m counting on you.

6. Hand-written letters

I hate Facebook posting birthdays everybody’s dashboard. People just get into a routine of clicking and typing “Happy Birthday :D” to everyone like everyday. People don’t actually remember anymore and it’s not the sweetest kind of greeting there is. I’d like to think people will leave me handwritten letters or notes on my desk or send it via snail mail. Post cards will be great too! And then I dream.

7. Trip to UkayUkay

For two reasons: I miss Baguio and Cubao and I’m still a sucker for dirt cheap things. And yes, finding a time for this would be a bonus!

8. Trip to my Favorite Place

It’s been 2 years since the last time I went to my heart’s home and my soul’s sanctuary. Failed trips during the last 2 years had me upset and I’m counting on it this time.

9. Picnic

Think baskets and gingham mats and parasols and delectable snacks. Yes, I can already imagine Sunken Garden.

* List will be updated because this is a collection of random bullets. Well, obviously I slashed off “going far places” this time. I can’t avail this yet, I still have no leave credits for work. Duh, I’m a loser.

Also, don’t judge me yet. World peace and abstract ideas (patience) are included in my wishlist, like always and forever.

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