Holiday Hangover Love Letter

Dear Lover,

A few nights ago, I was teasing you about your particularity with dates and days. It was a great pleasure reading the fully detailed narrative of things that has already happened. Remembrance has never been sweetly told as such.

Unfortunately for you, I no longer note down dates. I told you stories of how I used to, but opted not to right before I met you due to certain matters. However, all I keep now are mind photographs of how our days go by. I’m compiling our smiles, our songs, and our laughter.

We’ve practically made a lot of amazing memories this year. Including the first time I’ve spent Christmas and New Year’s Eve with you. It wasn’t that magical but it was utterly surprising to find you at our doorstep in your perkiest and happiest disposition midst the toilsome drive you took from your place to mine. It was a delight when you agreed to have me adopt your adorable little puppy for the holidays. It was joy watching you sing and strum the guitar in front of my entire family, or have my playlist aired in your speakers whenever you let go of your guitar.

These are but the last images of the year, but definitely not our story’s.

2013 holds a lot of promise, and I am more than excited for a lot more mind images of us to compile.




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