The Night Starts Here (Post-Valentine / Fangirl Post)

I was never a fan of Valentine’s Day. Years ago, I just had dinner with college friends for our so-called Single Awareness Day dinner. Even the recent Hearts’ day with the boyfriend was spent in the couch, in front of bad TV with too much food stuffing.

This year however, we decided to go out and watch the Stars concert instead. I was actually so excited for this, I already got tickets in December. Stars is a Montreal based indie group with songs I have sobbed and slept in tears when I was a lonely, lovesick human being. I never thought they’d be coming to Manila, it was so surreal to see them perform live.

God, they were amazing! Well, that was actually an understatement. I still have no words for them.

all emotions, IN!

My emotions! My feelings!

They performed twenty-five songs, the longest set they ever had. Guess they were taken away by the crowd which sang to every word of every song. I cried when Torq made the Intro to Your Ex-Lover is Dead and bawled so much more when they played My Favorite Book and Calendar Girl in encore.

I had such an awesome night! I still re-watch their concert videos and play their tracks non-stop on my iPod.

This is so far the best Valentine’s date I ever had. My emotions overflowed.

*Many many thanks to my boyfriend who accompanied me to the concert, who was never a fan of Stars but listened to their tracks for the concert (I guess he was converted into a fan afterwards), and who had almost all songs recorded on video for me. I love you more than I love Stars! 😀


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