Unhappy Anniversary No More

Dear Mr. Snooze,

I was accustomed to overuse Stargirl’s allusion of an “unhappy anniversary” for rekindling bad bad memories. But by pulling me gradually farther from her shadows (You being the Perry to my Stargirl, but you’re no Perry so we’re a new and different book. Hurray!) , you too aided me in discarding such term and all the recollection it entails. Today we remember that moment we chose to be bully grade school kids, then there went history. Then today’s the official Happy Password Day aka Happy Anniversary.

Two years was short but seemed quite long. It would have expired if it were my employment contract! Kidding aside, The past two years were of the best memories – books were read, music was listened and hummed to, unknown places were set foot on and explored, food, tried and devoured, art, experienced and appreciated.

Cheers to more years, dear Mister!

Love you tons!



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