The Cubao X that I used to know

Last week was all about my utter excitement and anticipation of going back to Cubao X for INK’s Anniversary Exhibit. It seems like years since the last time I was there. Well, for the record, it really has been a year, or even more.

Cubao X was one of my favorite places after college. I do not know if it had something to do with my profession then, but it was where artists of all kinds unite. It was also one of my top booze stops in the metro. I mean, my lonely soul and broken heart sought refuge in bottles of beer, smoke, noise, and insightful ideas of random musicians, film enthusiasts, writers, and visual artists. A night in Cubao X (sitting in the gutters) was enough to take all the week’s weariness away.

I don’t know when the decline started – when Meiday stopped perhaps? Or when Mogwai closed down. It devastated me so much knowing there’s no longer mozarella dynamite sticks, or that sinful chocolate cake. And indie bands to raise beer bottles or Meiday mixes to.

Last night, there were only few establishments open. No Mogwai, no Future X, no loud music, just a few artists from the opening.

What happened Cubao X? Have all the new establisments killing you? I miss you, your fun and your rage and your energy.

*Also, trying to do some blogging via phone. Been a while, dear blog. I miss you too.


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