Moments We Did Not Need To Know

I know I promised not to do anything special today, but what can I do? It has been a tradition in this blog to offer something for us on this date.20140319-121928.jpg

You know this photo is but a part of a series we had in Manila. I love this set as we seem oblivious of the heat and dust and smoke and dirt of the city. Our synchronized selves just seemed to be enjoying the moment.

This reminds me of our randomness – of days we suddenly feel like giving in to our food cravings, going places, watching poorly chosen movies, buying things we don’t even need, and talking about weird things that just pops out of our minds.

This reminds me of places we’ve been. You are the only one who can make me jump into a 10-feet murky river, go snorkeling in minimal gear, engage in spelunking even if I am having cramps, and continue trekking though I am already running out of breath. You are the only one who can persuade me to do outrageous and crazy things. You push me beyond what I can do and make me feel good and proud of myself. And I know you will always be doing so in more days and adventures together.

These were moments that existed then without us knowing for certain why or how. It was quite surprising to have these many memories summing up to three awesome years.

I do not know where we will be in the future, or where our years will take us. Let’s just live today as it is and look forward to more years as we always look forward to seeing each other each day.

Iloveyou, my annoyingly happy man.

*Blog title and text on picture lifted from The Paper Kites’ Drifting

**Photo credits to Jenno, editing via Overgram


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