Wallpaper Wonders

I am usually the type of person to enjoy pretty sights. And in such lonely and plain work area, I kind of rave for something interesting and inspiring just to get me through another day.

Aside from having a few postcards on my wall (which I stripped off some days ago because I’ll be transferring office) and colorful flaglets and post its, I give love to my computer/laptop by giving it a new look every now and then. I think I changed wallpaper some three weeks ago.

Here is how it looks now:

Screen shot 2014-07-25 at 6.34.52 PM

It took me a while before settling for this one. Images from DESIGN LOVE FEST will actually give you a hard time deciding! I think it took me four changes before I eventually convinced myself that this is the best pick.

Design Love Fest is a a lifestyle blog featuring design, style, DIY, food, travel, entertaining, etc. Bri Emery, the Art Director behind the blog, transformed the site from a studio to an art house. She and her blog have been featured in Elle Décor, Apartment Therapy, HGTV, Lucky Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings, The Los Angeles Times and more.

Take a look from the wallpapers I have hoarded from her! I think I have used two or three of my past wallpapers from these.

I like how her designs shift from watercolors, oil, graphic, and typography. The pastel tones are pretty cute bonus points.

You may get these cute wallpaper downloads under her Design Your Tech posts, or by simply clicking at her Downloads categories.


In other news, (well, I kind of mentioned it above) I am transferring work area next week. It does not excite me at all since I detest the work schedule and I will be having a smaller cubicle (so I’ve heard). But I hope pretty images like this will last me until the remaining two months (more or less) of employment in this company.





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