collage1TED is a Dragon born and raised in Manila. She believes it was raining meteors and stars on the night of her birth.

She loves art and literature, she can hardly remember which love actually existed first. Growing up, she developed further fondness on these two while adding sleeping, cyber stalking, ranting and daydreaming to the list.

She graduated with a degree in Art Studies which is FYI, different from Fine Arts.

She’s taking a breather from art for about N years and is currently juggling Marketing, Events, and Visual Merchandising for a golf equipment retailer in Manila.

She has been writing personal journals since sixth-grade and learned the wonders of the dot com in 2005 when now defunct Friendster paved way for blogging.

She writes from small things aka Robert Fulghum inspired posts to academic art aka Roland Barthes kind of writings. But on most days, she sits in one corner of wherever only to write love letters to random people, strangers even, while romanticizing the idea of falling in love while listening to happy and sappy music.

TED believes life is a million stories of transit. This she views through a kaleidoscope. This she paints through words bleeding from a canvas.

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