Told You I’m Not Good In Writing A Lyrical Poem, Even If You Wanted It As A Song

Checked through my WordPress and found this overdue draft dated October 18, 2011. I was too shy to publish this rhyming poem (previously entitled Wild Guess: I Suppose This Shall Go Out As A Song) which Mr. Snooze requested for him to turn into a song since it has been ages, guess high school, I last written one.
You asked me to write a lyrical poem,
what do I have to assume?
Is it meant to be read or to be sung?
No choice, I have to finish this soon.
I haven’t composed in a while
words slated to bring out a smile.
Writing with measure
has been a failure.
No, I chose not to,
for it reminds me of days without you –
of lengths and distance,
an unfinished sentence,
of gaps of our breath
as we dive and sleep into the ocean’s depth.
It reminds me of our lost time,
of your then verticals I wish were mine.
I’m bad at math,
I really suck at.
But time, space, and measure
has always been a leisure.
Wonders of how far, how deep, how long,
these were my fascination all along.
But I haven’t thought of it in a while,
cause who cares about an inch, a meter, a mile,
if I have you and you have me,
and if together we shall always be.

Crazy Collaborations

I have this weird characteristic of speaking in rhymes when text messaging. I am guilty of sending “sure thing, pating”, “c’mon mamon” to people as if those will make me sound cool.

Mr. Snooze and I usually update each other regarding our trips going to work and getting back home. And after this usual drill yesterday, he said “I love you” and I replied in kiddie poetry verses like a happy pre-school teacher. I used two instead of too and counted numbers and syllables. I guess he enjoyed our sudden poetry collaboration, he continued and finished until ten. I mean really, he didn’t give me a chance to do other digits! HAHAHA Here it goes:

I love you.

I love you two, I love you three
But wait! that doesn’t seem just as many.

I love you four, I love you five
I love you as long as I’m alive.

I love you six, I love you seven
I’ll love you even in heaven.

I love you eight, I love you nine
I’ll love you til the end of time.

I love you ten
Forever and then,
my love for you will never end.