This is my Blog’s Personality, Judge Me

I brushed through my tumblr and found this link analyzing your blog’s personality.  I tried it before and my tumblr was diagnosed as a blog of a happy female in between 13-17 years old. So, after more or less two years, I had my WordPress up for the test:

Bloggers do grow old

So, I jumped from being a 13-17 year old blogger to a 66-100 year old in two blogging years. That’s kind of funny. Well, truth is, I funnel my posts in WordPress – that it may be light yet personal (journal-ish) with less rants and random stuff.

So I guess my WordPress is brimming with wisdom and happiness of old age. I can already see my future, I ‘d be a cool grandma who’s contented with afternoons knitting and gardening when not in front of the computer.

The Internet Slave Gets a New Email Address

I have received my official email address today. It sounds fancy since the company’s name is attached to my initials, replacing gmail/

The executives already congratulated and welcomed me. There’s no turning back now. The word official makes it official. And I’m going to stay here for two years. That’s like 2, 920 online postings on a minimum, 24 Facebook/Twitter Calendars, a minimum of 28 photoshoots per year, 48 meetings with the President, 24 Promos to draft, etc. etc. etc. Suddenly I’m good at Math!


PS. There’s a positive side to it though, I’d make a list soon.